Work Order Tracking System

Real Time Tracking System

Work Order Tracking SYSTEM – OBJECTIVE

To prepare the production to have full proof routing process control system take place for better quality control.
Looking towards more automated business processes for increased efficiency and productivity.
All Shop Orders activities to be captured real time in a centralize information server.
To improve efficiency of Material Handler and Packing Process.
-Daily Output from Packing Process to Despatch.
-Real time reporting for Shop Order issuance.
-Easier tracking carton in Despatch Racking.
-Generate accurate packing list.

Work Order Tracking SYSTEM BENEFITS


User able to track the Shop Order status in Real Time mode. Planning for material and delivery to customer more efficiently.


Serialize the Carton will help user to pack the materials according to Shop Order Qty.
-Improve Inventory accuracy.
-Minimize shipping errors – reduce customer complaint.
-Base on Carton Serial Number, user able to tract back Shop Order and Materials.


Easily to measure the performance for Shop Order, Material Handler, Packing and Delivery.


Performance Data can be exported to excel for further analysis purpose.

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