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SkyBiz Cloud Billing

Skybiz® Financial provides an accounting information system that is simple to use, yet giving you the ability to scale modularly. With Skybiz® Financial, you can quickly learn and focus on what you want to do without struggling with complicated software and spending unnecessary time on too much learning. Skybiz® Accounting is one of the software listed in Malaysia RMCD, and Skybiz® Financial is one of the software listed in Singapore IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (“ASR”).

Key SkyBiz Stock Control Software Features:

  • Stock Re-Order Alert
  • Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer Or Normal Printer (Inkjet or Laser)
  • Item Promotion Price Setting
  • Unlimited Levels Selling Price
  • Serial Number Management
  • Package or Stock Bundling Setting
  • Item Expiry Management
  • Item Grading (Colour and Size) Handling
  • Item Multi-Packing Control (Multi Unit Of Measurements)
  • Staff Attendance System
  • User Multi-Levels Security Access Controls
  • Promoter Commission Calculation
  • Multi-branches Stock Level Control
  • Multi-branches Item Pricing Setting
  • Item Photo Tracking
  • Fast Fey Entry
  • Cash Daily Checkout Control
  • Real-time transaction updating, no more data posting
  • Multi-branches auto data synchronize
  • Supplier Pricing History Tracking

SkyBiz Stock Control Modules:

  • Quotation Module
  • Sales Order Module
  • Proforma Invoice Module
  • Sales Invoice/Cash Sales Module
  • Picking List Module
  • Sales Return Management
  • Debit Note To Customer Module
  • Member Loyalty Module
  • Point Redemption Module
  • Item Barcode Module
  • Voucher Control Module
  • Supplier Module
  • Branch Module
  • Purchase Requisition Module
  • Purchase Order Module
  • Good Receive Note Module
  • Purchase Invoice Module
  • Purchase Return Module
  • Inventory Control Module
  • Pricing Module
  • Multi-Location
  • Multi-Payment Module
  • GST Ready
  • SkyBiz – Synchronize

The Reports

  • Collection Report
  • Daily Checkout Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Daily Sales Summary By Item
  • Daily Sales Summary By Day
  • Hourly Sales Summary
  • Daily Sales vs Collection
  • Credit Card Report
  • Debit Card Report
  • On Hold Bill Report
  • Void Bill Report
  • Layaway Report
  • Layaway Report (Outstanding)
  • Layaway Report By Detail
  • Layaway Report With Stock Balance
  • Cash In/ Cash Out/ Cash Adjustment
  • Voucher Listing
  • Top Up Debit Card Report
  • Member Listing
  • Member Birthday Listing
  • Member Sales Listing
  • Point Redemption Statement
  • Point Redemption Statement – Combined Point
  • Print Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance 4 Columns
  • Income Statement
  • Income Statement (4 Columns)
  • Income Statement (Last Year vs This Year)
  • Income Statement For 12 Months
  • Payee Ledger Journal



Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts, and Quotations that you can send in minutes through your SKYBIZ Cloud Account.

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